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Alexa Emergency Assist

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Voice assistants like Alexa have become integral to our daily routines to add convenience and efficiency. Among its many features, Alexa Emergency Assist stands out as a safety feature, designed to provide users with a sense of security and quick assistance during emergencies.

Alexa Emergency Assist is a subscription service that provides an extra level of protection to help keep your family safe. This lets you get help in case of an emergency, plus you can keep emergency contacts informed, and get smart alerts for alarms in your home, whether you’re home or away. Emergency Assist provides fast, hands-free access to an urgent response agent 24/7, 365 days a year, and works with all Echo smart speakers and smart displays.

You simply say, “Alexa, call for help” to speak to trained agents who can request to dispatch emergency responders such as police, fire department, or ambulance based on the information you provide on the call. Are. It detects smoke and carbon monoxide and sounds the alarm. If the alarm sounds, Alexa will announce to all your devices that an alarm has been detected and instruct you to leave the house and call for help.

Alexa Emergency Assist

What is Alexa Emergency Assist?

Alexa Emergency Assist is a subscription pack that turns your Alexa-enabled device into a potential lifesaver during an emergency. It provides hands-free calling to urgent response agents 24/7, ensuring that help is just a voice command away. Its key functionalities include:

  • Hands-free calling to immediate response agents around the clock.
  • Notification of emergency contacts when an immediate response call is initiated.
  • Option to pre-save important information for first responders.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm detection, sending alerts even when you’re away.

How does Alexa Emergency Assist Work?

Using Alexa Emergency Assist requires a subscription. Activating the service includes:

  • A simple voice command, “Alexa, call for help,” to connect to an immediate response agent.
  • Chat with an agent, who can dispatch emergency services depending on the situation.
  • Optional sharing of vital information, such as medical conditions, property access codes, and pet details, with first responders to facilitate a quick and informed response.

Benefits of Alexa Emergency Assist

The benefits of subscribing to Alexa Emergency Assist in your home include:

  • Enhanced safety and security, especially for individuals living alone or with health vulnerabilities.
  • Quick response time in emergencies due to hands-free operation.
  • Peace of mind for both users and their families through remote monitoring of home alarms.
  • Improved preparedness and efficiency in emergencies by providing critical information to first responders.

What Are the Considerations and Limitations of Alexa Emergency Assist?

While Alexa Emergency Assist offers significant benefits for increasing safety and security within smart homes, there are several considerations and limitations to keep in mind:

  • Subscription cost: A subscription is required to access the full capabilities of Alexa Emergency Assist. This cost may be a barrier for some users, making it necessary to weigh the benefits of the service against its price. For this, you can take its subscription monthly or yearly depending on your pocket.
  • Internet Dependency: The functionality of Alexa Emergency Assist is largely dependent on a stable Internet connection. In scenarios where the Internet connection is weak, unreliable, or down, the service may not function as intended, potentially leaving users without support at critical moments.
  • Limitations of immediate response agents: Although immediate response agents can provide immediate assistance and facilitate the dispatch of emergency services, they cannot provide physical assistance at the scene. Their support is limited to what can be accomplished remotely.


Urgent Response24/7 access to trained agents by saying “Alexa, call for help“.
Emergency Contact NotificationPre-defined contacts automatically alerted when calling Urgent Response.
Critical Information SharingShare medical conditions, gate codes, pet information with first responders.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm DetectionListens for alarm sounds and announces on all Echo devices.
Smart AlertsMobile notification with option to listen to alarm recording or call for help.
SubscriptionMonthly subscription with auto-renewal option (AARP members receive a discount).
SetupConfigured through the Alexa app under “Alexa Emergency Assist”.


Does ‘Alexa Emergency Assist’ replace calling 911 directly?

No, Alexa Emergency Assist cannot call emergency services directly. This connects you to an agent who will handle contacting them.

What devices work with Alexa Emergency Assist?

It works with most Echo devices (Echo, Echo Dot, etc.), but it does not work with Alexa on-the-go devices (Echo Auto, Echo Buds).

Do I need anything else besides an Echo device?

Yes, you need an active Alexa Emergency Assist subscription, a valid emergency address associated with your Alexa account, and a verified phone number.

Does Alexa Emergency Assist work without the internet?

No, it depends on an internet connection to function (Alexa Emergency Assist).

How much does Alexa Emergency Assist cost?

It has a monthly and annual subscription fee (price may vary depending on region and offers).

Who are the emergency contacts notified when I use Alexa Emergency Assist?

There are 25 pre-defined emergency contacts you set up in the Alexa app.

Is my information secure with Alexa Emergency Assist?

Amazon follows industry standards for data security. But always check their privacy policy before subscribing.

What happens if my call gets disconnected with the Urgent Response agent?

The agent may try to call you back on your Echo device. If not answered, they can contact your emergency contacts to investigate and potentially dispatch emergency services.


Alexa Emergency Assist represents a valuable addition to the smart home ecosystem, providing users with a quick and effective way to ask for help during an emergency. Although it is not without its limitations, the peace of mind and life-saving capabilities make it a noteworthy consideration for anyone looking to increase the security of their home. The future of smart home security features looks promising, with technologies like Alexa Emergency Assist at the forefront of innovation. Just say Alexa, call for help! Speak up and help is there for you.

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